Now this happens every time I travel to a different state and leaves me irritated and smiling at the same time. Now do you happen to have small eyes that looks like as if God was so busy that he just drew two straight lines instead of eyes, black and maybe a bit straight hair,height and face that looks like as if you have been 15 year old since forever,if you do then you might have had the same experiences as mine 🙂 .

1. Are you a Chinese? Japanese?(like as if they are the only people with small eyes in the universe 😛 ).

Ni Hao..

Ni Hao..

2. Do you eat only “Noodles”? (Hai! we don’t have taste buds for other food 😀 ).images (2)

3. Do you eat with a chopstick? And if your answer is yes their first question always is “How do you ever eat rice with a chopstick”(p.s eyes and mouth wide open 😮 ).

4.Some people are scared because they think that you know ” martial arts” and that you might beat them .Really????( 😀  by the way Jackie Chan is my father and Bruce lee is my grandfather).

haiyaaa!!!!! you are dso dead today...

haiyaaa!!!!! you are a dead meat today…

5. Do you speak English?( Nahh!! I am speaking with you in Hebrew by the way 😛 ).

I eat English, I sleep English..

6. When you smile or laugh at some joke, “Can you see us ? Your eyes are almost shut!!!” (OMG! you guys totally vanished for a millisecond).

Hahaha!!! I cant see a guys are invisible..

Hahaha!!! I cant see a guys are totally invisible..